Monday, June 25, 2012

It's Never Just a Cloud

Car rides are always interesting with my crew.  You just never know what entertaining bits of conversation you will overhear coming from the backseat.  Remember the discussion on sexual activity I had to endure a couple of months ago?  (If you don't, you should refresh your memory so you will have more sympathy for my plight.)  Saturday's car ride was no exception-- I was definitely amused.

Saturday morning, as we were driving home from a family outing at Princess's "favorite playground of all times", Princess and Birdie started discussing the summer sky.  In my opinion, summertime skies are absolutely the most interesting skies to view, because not only are they the bluest, but they usually have the most amazing-looking clouds.  Summer clouds are like nature's Rorschach test, and it is always fun to see what cool images your brain can conjure in them.  Saturday's blue sky was chock full of clouds, ripe for interpretation, and it was these amazing clouds that was the topic of discussion for my little ladies in the backseat.  

Birdie:  OMG, sissy!  Look!  I see a herd of cattle!  Over there-- in those clouds!

Princess:  Cows?  I see sheep.  But it is definitely a herd.  Cool!

B:  I see a My Little Pooooh-nyyyyy!  (Birdie is pee-your-pants excited about these awesome clouds, and is practically shrieking the whole time.)  That is so cool!  And a nuclear explosion!  Right there!

P:  How do you know what a nuclear explosion looks like?  Did you see one on Mythbusters?

B:  They are also called mushroom clouds-- gosh!  Read a book...  Look, a dog!

P:  You're right!  It's a Pomeranian!  Glad it's a cloud-- those dogs are noi-sy!!

B:  It can't be a Pomeranian-- they aren't white!  Maybe it's a Maltese?

P:  It's a Pom-er-an-ian.  It doesn't have to be white!  If it does, then your My Little Pony was a LIE!!!

B:  Okay-- whatever, sissy.  Look, a hamster-- with a laser taped to his head?!  Why would he do that?!

P:  That's crazy, sissy!  What could that hamster be up to?  Is he a spy?  Look, another nuclear explosion-- in an ice cream cone!  Hey mom, can we have ice cream when we get home?

B:  I see Nessie!  Running away from a waterspout!  You think a waterspout could pick her up?  And why is that guy in the lab coat trying to climb a tree?

Me:  You are still looking at clouds, right Birdie?!  (You just never know...)

P:  I see more ICE CREAM!  Mom!  You didn't answer my question!  You know, about the ice cream.

B:  Oh my gosh-- look!...

(Oh how I wish I could have recorded their discussion verbatim, rather than having to try to recall it all from my poorly-rested mind.  The real-time event was so much funnier than I was able to convey here.)

At some point, Hubby and I just tuned the girls out, but for a good twenty minutes the peanut gallery in our backseat had a running commentary on the ever-changing sky scenery that they observed through their windows.  One thing was for sure-- what they saw was never just a cloud.  At some point, I wondered out loud to Hubby about what other parents get to hear from their backseats.  And what do the images the girls see in the clouds say about their brains?  Please tell me we aren't the only ones listening to such random weirdness!

Now I can't wait until the next perfectly cloudy day!  Maybe next time, I'll get to see that spy hamster for myself, or some nuclear ice cream, possibly?  Let's just hope I'm not driving, so that I can join in on the fun too!

Any funny kiddie convos you've overheard lately that have gotten you tickled?  I'd love to hear them.  :)


  1. If I said that R has the same conversations, I'm thinking that's not exactly what you were asking for. Tee hee.

    Not to worry...he doesn't. He's more interested in making faces looking at his reflection in the window. Great until you pull up beside someone and R's window is NOT tinted. LOL!

    Your girls have a great imagination and I'm sure give you lots of opportunities to smile/laugh along.


    1. Oh, I would love to pull up beside R while he's making faces! LOL! How would he feel about me making faces back? With my girls it would just depend on the day. :)

    2. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't even notice but if I saw you...I'd think you were a little ummmmm "off". Haaahaaa!

      It happened once with his SEA when they were on a bus. He was doing his thing and there was a bus across the street with some kids on it. They thought he was making faces at them and they started making faces back. She said it was pretty funny cause R wasn't paying attention at all but the other kids were having a good old time! Oish.

  2. I've got one for you... my best friend shared this with me a few months back... I just cannot forget it.
    She said she was taking a bath when her son walked in demanding her attention.
    Son (S) - Mom do you really talk to God?
    Mom (M) - yes God and I talk all the time.

    (S) - And does he tell you everything?
    (M) - (a little weary) Yes he tells me everything.

    (S) - Well can you ask him for the tv remote because daddy cannot find it.

    When my friend told me this I laughed till I almost pee my pants. :)
    It is really amazing what they think and say.