Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Enthusiasm in Pictures: Wednesday Disability Blog Hop

Welcome back to the Disability Blog Hop, hosted by Meriah at With A Little Moxie!  This week, our prompt was:
 SAY CHEESE! Let's have some photos - just post some fun pictures that have a connection with disability - your child with Down syndrome/special needs, yourself and your bad-ass chair, your hearing/seeing dogWhat-have-you, but let's have us some FUN. 


Well, that's certainly easy enough!  My contribution follows.  :)
One of the wonderful upsides to my daughters' spectrum-iness is their over the top enthusiasm for things they love.  Princess and Birdie get so wound up and excited at times, that they momentarily lose the ability to articulate thoughts and instead hoot or draw in an impossibly long breath.  Princess will begin to tremble with excitement and ball up her fists, while Birdie will flap her wings hands.  (This is a side effect of their inability to process overwhelming emotional responses properly.  When the overwhelming emotion is positive, happy, cute things happen.  When it is a negative emotion... well, let's just say I don't get the camera out for those events.)  Glee radiates from every pore of their bodies, and that glee infects everyone around them.  I absolutely LOVE IT!  The only thing I love more is capturing these moments in pictures.

Here are a few of my favorite glee photos.  Have a little joy on me.

Princess, excited over Mommy blowing bubbles!

Princess and the best cupcake EVER
Birdie and her favorite fridge magnet

Birdie would laugh hysterically and flap every time June would sing.
Over.  And over.  And Over.  For weeks.
This is how Princess introduced her Chuckie doll for five whole months.  :)

We're going to ride the TRAIN!  To the ZOO!
Playing dress-up makes Birdie a little too happy!

Just looking at this picture makes my ears ring!
I think she may like the gift, Aunt C!

I just know you're smiling now.  :)


  1. You are so right-- those are the best smiles EVER! And I love the "oh my dod..." I just love, love, love that.

    Stopping in to say hi and thanks for linking up last wordless Wednesday. We are up and ready for to host sweet friends for this wordless Wednesday, I'd love it if you were with us.


  2. Love these!! Unbridled enthusiasm, minus filters = pure, unadulterated JOY!! Cracking up that that one photo makes your ears ring, though...LOL

  3. I am literally awwing right now, their little faces are adorable! I started working with special needs adults when I was 19 and I still do and usually love every minute of it. There is just something special there.