Sunday, September 9, 2012

This Week's Hairbrained Musings (14)

Another week of moments and musing...

*When a having a conversation with a country girl, and she says "Well, isn't that something?!", you may as well stop talking right then and there.  She either doesn't understand what you're talking about, or doesn't give a damn.  Either way, you are wasting your time.

*I don't care how well it works, when I smell Febreeze my brain immediately starts to imagine all the funky possibilities that would have prompted the use of such a product.  I wonder if that's why that clean, fresh scent makes me gag a little?

*Don't tell your children they can eat whatever they want unless you really mean it.  I certainly didn't expect whatever to mean mozzarella cheese rolled in bread and dipped in honey, but it did.  Blech!

*You know you're a redneck when you've set up your pop-up camper in the school parking lot behind your house to clean it, and instead you find yourself hanging out it in while your kids play.  Of course, I could just be a procrastinator...

*I have discovered that people think they are invisible when driving their cars.  I have seen people that I am sure would never pick their nose in public, that will really go to town at it while waiting at a stoplight.  UGH!!!

*Nothing induces panic like that third hour of a power outage when you start to wonder if the things in your fridge are going to survive.  My imagination is an evil thing during times like that.

*Skinny jeans should not come in any size considered a "plus size".  It just doesn't make sense.

*I absolutely LOVE getting carded at the "Adult Beverage Center".  It means: 1) I haven't visited frequently enough for the cashiers to remember me personally, and 2) I still look youthful enough to be asked.  I find myself trying harder to look good on my next visit after the rare occasion that I get carded-- is that sad?

*I notice that there are a lot more of our brand of "hilarious" moments at my house during the first few weeks of school.  I suppose exhaustion has something to do with that, but what ever it is, my washing machine is getting a work out!

Until next time...


  1. OMG...I started to write a post once about people thinking they are invisible in their cars but I couldn't get through it with all my gagging! HA!

    Skinny jeans just shouldn't be allowed for anyone over the age of say 10 or unless you weigh only 50 lbs. ;P

    Ummmm...can't even remember the last time I was carded. *heavy sigh* :(


  2. I figured you don't play Portal 2 (although your kids might like the puzzle aspect of it), but I thought this little rant would keep you laughing. I recite this in my head whenever I get too stressed (and I've been severely stressed for several months now!).

    Cave Johnson's Lemon rant

    Also, this is just funny.

    1. OMG!! The Badass Mustard Rap was freakin' brilliant! I laugh just thinking about it!!

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  4. Hey! Found you through the Mom's Monday Mingle and am your newest follower! Looking forward to perusing your site--looks like we've some things in common (I got a kick out of your hair brained musings). :)
    -Rachael from The Rehomesteaders

  5. I really wish I had a pop up trailer to hide out in. I meant hang out in ...Hang Out In!

    1. LOL! I know what you mean... it's only a hiding place if your kids aren't there, too.

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  7. My last sentence didn't make sense, so I deleted it. Here's how it should read:

    Hahaha! This was so funny! Thanks, Christina, for linking up at the Make My Saturday Sweet blog hop!

    Tina - mom of 4 and author of 5 blogs

  8. Really funny! I totally agree on the one about people in their cars :-)

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  9. So love the photo of your doggie!! Awesome! You may be right about the Febreze...I use it all the time in my sons' room!! :P
    Totally right about the nose picking...yuck!!!

  10. oh my goodness. This just made my day.. hilarious.. all of it :)

    I"m your newest follower from the Monday Mingle!