Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Change is Good

So apparently, change is good!  I mean like, really good.  So good, in fact, that I am beginning to worry that I have somehow gotten off the Crazy Train and entered another, parallel universe, where my children are incredibly agreeable, and the happytime-to-meltdown ratio is much, much more favorable than I am accustomed to.  I keep waiting for the proverbial crap to hit the proverbial spinning blade, but so far no dice!  I am really digging living in this Twilight Zone!

Part of me is not 100% convinced that this fan we speak of isn't just pointed in someone else's direction during the school day, and that I am just happily outside the splatter zone.  I'm wondering, if that is the case, do I even care that my Utopian illusion is just an illusion?!


Ab-so-lute-ly not, folks!  Not even the teensiest bit.  And ya wanna know why?  Because even if there is some crazy stuff going down at school (and I'm pretty sure there isn't), like meltdowns, or dramatic diatribes about not being understood by "regular kids", Princess and Birdie are still adjusting more quickly to school this year than ever before.  I am feeling less schoolday backlash at home, and it's FREAKIN' AWESOME!  Holy crow!  It is dancing naked, shouting from the rooftops, party-worthy awesomeness.  This is the first back to school EVER that it hasn't encouraged me to look into a happy pill prescription.  It's THAT good, y'all.  Blue ribbon good.

Yes, there is still the occasional "issue" around here, but the emphasis is on occasional.  We are having only slightly more behavioral stuff than is normal for us, which is quite the improvement.  The last three times we have started a new school year, the Crazy Train has been derailed for a very painful few weeks.  We, by which I mean me and my girls' teachers, got daily-- sometimes hourly-- doses of crazy at school and at home for the entire month of September.  Usually, Princess would start the school year off with a very noisy display of her impressive lung capacity, and often follow that performance with some sort of physical encounter, such as shoving or biting a classmate.  Birdie would usually just come home crying every day in September.  That's how everyone starts the school year, right?  But not this year!  This year seems to have started in mid-November for the girls, when routines are more familiar and teachers are no longer strangers.  Mama couldn't be happier.

I am also happy to report that all my worry about my new job was for naught, too!  Thank goodness!  I was so worried that I wouldn't hit it off with the little boy I am assigned to assist, but we hit it off marvelously!  He is a funny, silly, enthusiastic, adorable little boy that is quick to laugh, and also quick to tell me he wants to do everything himself.  He is the highlight of my workday.  I get the impression he tolerates me fairly well also, so the hard part of my job is already over.  Whew!

So in short, change has been a good thing lately.  Who'd've thunk it?  I would love to think that the credit for all this positivity is due to my hard work and planning and Back to School Bootcamp.  I would also love to think that my girls are growing more adaptable as they get older.  I suspect a lot of this good fortunate and ease of transition is a result of familiarity for Princess and Birdie, though.  Each year they know more students in their classes on the first day, more staff members at the school, and more about where things are located in the school building.  Whatever it is, it's a magic combination, and I am so proud of how well my girls are adjusting this year!

Should I knock on wood after saying that?!  


  1. Knock on wood while keeping your fingers crossed, and don't uncross them...ever!

  2. That is so awesome, crossing my fingers that it continues for you!

  3. I am knocking on some wood for you but I have to say hearing about your positive start was a breath of fresh air for me!!!! And I am so glad that your new job is all positive too -- those kinds of changes are hard as well. I will keep following you (I'll do my best!). Although my kids are not on the spectrum, autism is a cause near and dear to my heart. I am running a half marathon in Boston in less than two weeks (gulp!) as part of the Autism Speaks team. I will keep your twins in my mind and heart as I do. :-)

    1. Thank you so much! I am honored that you are running for Autism Speaks. They are a fabulous organization that helps many, many families. :)

  4. I'm so happy to hear that the girls have transitioned so beautifully!! Wonderful news! Princess said a cheerful "hi" to Sammi (who promptly ignored her) in the hall on the first day of school. There's an awful lot to be said for familiarity. :-)

  5. Excellent news all around, Christina! And I knew you and the boy your are assigned to assist would get along well! Who wouldn't love you??


  6. Wooooo-hoooooo!!!!! Sounds like the Crazy Train is chugging along smoothly! How could the new trainee not love his new Conductor?!?

    You should definitely take credit for all the positivity! Preparation is key. It will keep getting better too as the girls mature and get more and more familiar with things. Job well done!!!!!


  7. You girls are growing older and things aren't as unfamiliar, but you also need to take credit for your hard work!! Your girls would not be where they are without your constant support, dedication, unbelievable understanding and pure,whole hearted love!! I admire you as a parent and co-worker. I enjoy your girls company in the afternoon after a busy day and the new "hair do" isn't bad either ;-)

  8. You all are too kind to me! Thanks for all the support and positive thoughts! I am tickled pink that third grade has been a dream rather than a nightmare. :)

  9. This was a nice post to read. It made me happy. I'm so glad things are going so well for you right now. I can relate to your desire to knock on wood and to be waiting for the shoe to drop. It's sometimes weird when things are going right, isn't it? Enjoy it!