Tuesday, May 8, 2012

When Princess Met Prince Charming

As I have mentioned before in a previous post, Princess has a *dun, dun, dunnnnn* Boyfriend.  I know-- crazy, right?  This is, after all, the child I withheld macaroni and cheese from in order to get her to interact with the boys in her class.  But for Princess, there is no need to interact with other boys because she is already friends with the most awesome boy on the planet, and his name is Charming.  *sigh*

Prince Charming and Princess at her 7th birthday "party"
When Princess and Charming first met in Mrs. R's first grade classroom, their chemistry was less than lovey-dovey.  Actually, it was more aptly described as explosive most days, which obviously is no longer the case (most of the time).  If Charming and Princess's "how-we-fell-for-each-other interview"  for the movie When Harry Met Sally was written, it would go something like this:

*Picture Princess and Charming, sitting an appropriately respectful distance apart on a couch, not looking each other directly in the eyes.*

Princess:  When we met, HE (pointing very aggressively toward Charming) was the MOST ANNOYING BOY IN FIRST GRADE!  I MEAN IT! (Yes, she is shouting these words.)

Charming:  Well (very exasperated tone), SHE (also pointing aggressively) was the most annoying KID in first grade!

P:  *Loud, dramatic gasp*  He was angry and shouting EVERY DAY!

C:  SO?!  SHE cried every single day!  Definitely MORE annoying.

Interviewer, trying desperately to get them back on track:  So when did you decide you were "perfect" for each other?

P:  One day, a teacher asked me what was wrong, why was I mad, and I said I don't know, and I don't think she believed me.  Charming asked me later "what's wrong" and I said I don't know and he believed me.  He said he didn't know why he got mad but he did anyway.  He understands.  I love him.  (Actual quote.)

C:  Princess turned nice.  One day, she just seemed like a good friend.  She likes some of the things I do, like winning, and racing.  And she doesn't mind being loud sometimes.  And she cheers for me, so there's that.  We're getting married. (He says this very matter-of-factly, like it is already a done deal.)

P:  We ARE getting married!  I'm going to live in a castle.  With Charming!  And a KITTY!!!!!

C:  Yeah, I'm not going to be a prince, like Princess wants, but I am going to be a winning race car driver, so I can still buy her a castle with the fortune I make racing.  I think that will be enough.  (This is an actual quote, by the way.  Too adorable!)

P:  I'm getting a castle!  And Charming is going to WIN!  (Imagine Princess with balled up fists next to a perfectly "O" shaped mouth, trembling all over with excitement, and making her machine gun sound.)

*End scene*

The wedding dress, designed
 by P & B and modelled by
American Girl 
I have to tell you-- I love this kid Charming.  Charming is adorable, quirky, smart, loud, enthusiastic about his passions (which right now is NASCAR, and boy, can this kid scriptsome NASCAR!), and he is absolutely, positively wonderful for Princess.

I have watched Princess and Charming develop their friendship over the last 18 months, and they genuinely care for one another.  They get excited for one another's successes.  They are concerned for one another's well-being.  They are supportive of one another's goals.  They listen to each other go on and on about their passions obsessions (Tails for her, racing for him).  Their friendship is absolutely the most touching friendship I have ever witnessed between two elementary-aged people.   They swear they are getting married when they grow up.  They believe they really do love each other!  I believe they really do love each other!  Princess is even planning the "wedding extravaganza" with her sister.  (I have to admit, this cracks me up-- mainly because of how dead serious they both are about it.)

Now, this loving friendship is not without its ups and downs.  Princess and Charming really do get upset with one another on occasion, which is not surprising considering how inflexible they can both be.  Their littles tiffs are very much like marital spats, which only adds to the humor and believability of their "marriage talk".  After all their little highs and lows, though, they always end up being the closest of friends.  And even though they talk of love and marriage, they very seldom touch or make eye contact (except for that time there was a stolen kiss in the cafeteria), keeping everything very age-appropriate.

As any parent of a child on the spectrum knows, this friendship is amazing-- almost inconceivable!  "Almost" only because I witness the realness of their relationship every day.  Their relationship is so astounding to me, considering how little interest Princess shows in developing friendships in general and especially considering how little patience she has for "loudness" and boys.  I am so happy my daughter has found someone to connect with in such a personal way.  I feel like Charming is a gift to Princess.  With him, she can be herself and be understood by a peer that really cares that she is happy.  I feel such gratitude for this little boy.  I am so incredibly blessed that Princess has met this little person that fills such a big role-- the role of friend.

As for the talk of marriage.... hmmm.  Would I be surprised if they tied the knot one day?  I don't know.  If Princess and Charming know each other when Charming is 23 (the age he will graduate from college, which is when he plans to wed), I wouldn't be surprised.  They are two of the most single-minded children I have ever met.  I suppose it will have a lot to do with that castle he keeps promising...

In the meantime, I will just enjoy vicariously the happiness that Princess gets out of knowing her Prince Charming and giggle every time he introduces me as his "future mother-in-law".

*Follow the link for a quick definition of what "scripting" is.


  1. One of the cutest thing you may ever see is if one of them is stuck stimming and the other one is able to get the first person to stop. Or they both do it together in sync.

  2. I feel equally blessed to be able to witness this amazing friendship as well as been given the opportuntity to get to know the both of them. I truelly adore them both. It has been wonderful watching this frienship grow. I'm not sure if I'm on the invite list though ;-)

  3. You can't help but feel giddy and be taken back to a more innocent time in your life when love wasn't so complicated. They humble me and help keep things in perspective. Love is beautiful, simple, as well as precious and, when uncorrupted, touches all those around you. This world can be so ugly, but there are certainly plenty of reminders that it isn't always so nor does it have to continue to .

    1. Ok, RaRa, no fair. Making me cry before bed... but you are right. Makes your heart smile to see them together. :)

  4. Well, what do I say to my friend who has just described the special and unique relationship between my son and her daughter for the whole world to see??? I'm........CHARMED! And I can't wait to be in-laws! Really ! :) Chris, you are wonderful!

  5. Oh, this is so, so beautiful to read. This is the kind of story all parents of children with special needs dream of for their children - connections and mutual affection...love this.