Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Reflections

The week after Mother's Day eight years ago, I had the distinct pleasure of becoming a mother myself.

Me as a brand new mom, still stoned from the awesome
delivery room drugs.  Dude, I look puffy!

I had no idea all the hard work and fun my life as a mom had in store for me.  I was surprised at how much I changed as a result of mothering these two little people that I had helped to make.  For example, before motherhood, you would never have found me napping in the middle of the day...

Accidental nap with Baby Birdie

...especially not with my face buried in a vomit-covered rag while holding a tiny person who was undoubtedly sitting in her own feces.

I was never one for playing with dolls...

Princess & Birdie doing the cabbage patch...

Birdie & Princess's first Halloween-- in Mississippi, in 80 degree weather...
Good call, Mama!
...and yet I instantly began to take every opportunity presented to me to dress up my little munchkins.

I never thought I'd get lumpy and have to start making a particular effort to exercise...

Doing curls with Birdie
Me helping Princess learn to raise her head

...and yet I soon discovered that it really is hard to lose baby weight.  I was soon trekking to the mall with all the other SAHMs to do laps with the stroller.  I was also lifting the girls high over my head to keep them happy and me fit(ter).

I never thought I would be so happy about receiving candles that I am completely allergic to, or a pillow that looks like it's made from Oscar the Grouch's hide...

This year's swag from Mother's Day
...but knowing how carefully my girls selected these gifts brought tears to my eyes.  It also brought tears to my eyes to see the butterfly Princess made out of her handprints.  When I read the "Mother's Day Magazine" Birdie made for me, and saw that she thinks I'm kind, knows barbecue is my favorite food, and knows Bones is my favorite tv show, I cried some more.

I certainly never thought that I would be so silly and emotional, like I always thought my mother was when I was a kid...

My mother and Birdie
...until it dawned on my that maybe that's what being a mother is really all about.

I hope you all had (or helped someone else have) a very special Mother's Day yesterday.


  1. Before I became a mom, I never would have thought that I would cry from reading a blogpost about Mother's Day! Haha- it is amazing how they change us. I found Isaiah in a corner this weekend secretly making a "book" out of crayons and construction paper on why I'm a good mom- definitely a tear jerker! So glad I get to know your two awesome girls and their equally awesome mom! :)

  2. I love these photos! Somehow I missed this post last week... Happy (belated) Mother's Day!