Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wearing Our Easter Best

My husband returned from yet another business trip yesterday evening.  He is gone more than he is home lately.  Princess used to give Hubby a very hard time for a day or two after returning from a trip.  She would be so angry with her dad for leaving that it would take her awhile to forgive him once he got home.  Fortunately, that has not been the case recently.  I suppose she no longer has time to be mad at him if she plans on squeezing in any quality time with him these days.

Because everyone was fairly amicable this morning, we decided to go out for lunch at a favorite local restaurant.  The thought of eating out inspired Princess to get gussied up in her "Easter best".  We got quite a few lingering looks as we were led back to our table, as you can imagine.  This isn't the standard dress code for a food-on-a-plate restaurant.  (You'd be hard pressed to find this outfit at a food-in-a-sack restaurant most of the time.)  But she and I both thought she looked just lovely, and our opinions are the only ones that really matter.  And maybe her dad's.  Maybe.

Princess in her finest Easter duds
Princess received several compliments on her fine attire, as well, and that made us all smile.  A lady in the restroom even helped her put her flower "bracelet" back on and Princess assured us she used her best manners and said thank you to the "old woman that was big and round that helped me."  Please, oh please, I hope she just said thank you, and kept all the descriptors to herself.

Not to be outdone by Princess's outfit, Birdie had to pose diva-style with the jack rabbit statue in front of the restaurant.  This is the closest either of my kids have ever gotten to anything resembling the Easter bunny.

Birdie pimping the giant jack rabbit in front of Sweetwater Tavern

Stylin' and profilin' with my sissy

It was a lovely lunch followed by a mostly lovely day.  (No Saturday is truly complete without some sort of sisterly slugfest in the afternoon, but today's was only minor.)

Gratuitous cuteness from my fur-buddy

Not really anything else to report right now, but I am in the middle of completing several different posts, which will arrive over the next few days.  One is about the strange games my children play-- always entertaining.  Another is about communicating... always an issue at my house.

In the meantime, Happy Easter, peeps!

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