Sunday, April 22, 2012

Community Fun Run

This morning, my husband and I took the little ladies to participate in the AV Community Fun Run.  Birdie thought this was a marvelous way to celebrate Earth Day, since we'd be walking or running rather than "wastefully burning gasoline".  I think the irony of our driving to the race site slipped right past her.

Waiting with Daddy for the Fun Run to begin
When we arrived at the run, my Princess and Birdie instantly noticed the free snacks and bottles of water everywhere.  "I feel pretty hungry, Mom."  Of course, you do Birdie.  After all, breakfast was a full 40 minutes ago.  I explained that those snacks were for after the run-- if you finish without whining.
With that said, Birdie couldn't wait for the Fun Run to begin.  She had her eyes on the snack table prize from that moment on.

As we were waiting for the Fun Run to begin, we scanned the crowd of runners and watched everyone warm up for the exercise ahead.  Princess and Birdie felt inspired to do the same and began to stretch.

I knew this umbrella would come in handy!
Birdie stretching it out before her big run.

Now I don't know if you've noticed yet, but my girls didn't really come dressed for the occasion.  I am pretty sure that for them, the emphasis for the day's event was on "Fun" rather than "Run".  (At least Birdie's shoes are sneaker-like.  Princess wore her snow boots to keep her feet dry, so running was pretty much out of the question for her.)  We were certainly the only group at the entire event that had a rain poncho-- or an umbrella-- or a Tails action figure.  We were really easy to spot.

Once the Fun Run began, Birdie caught me completely by surprise-- she actually ran!  For nearly the whole mile!  She must have REALLY wanted that cereal bar!  Princess, on the other hand, moseyed most of the way.  Whenever I tried to make her run, she would explain to me that it would no longer be a "Fun" run if we did that, and besides, the flyer said "slash walk", as in 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk/Jog.  Well, how do you argue with that?

Princess making a strong finish,
umbrella and all!
Birdie pausing at the midpoint
for a photo-op.
Princess and me, apparently out
for a stroll rather than a race.
 Once we crossed the finish line, Princess was astounded that she was awarded a participation medal!

SEE!!! I TOLD you we didn't have to run the whole way!!!
And now, several hours later, my ladies are still wearing their medals.  You'd think they ran a marathon!  But, the race master made a good point before the event began:  if this is your first event, congratulations on your new personal best!  Both did, indeed, have their personal best one mile Fun Run today.  Plus, you have to admit-- running (slash walking) one mile in snow boots while carrying an umbrella and your favorite action figure, or even running in an oversized rain poncho for that matter, is definitely worth something!  

One pooped Birdie!
I'm the best "slash walker" in town!

 Good thing they weren't out of cereal bars.  :)

While I have you here:

For those of you living in the DC Metro area that enjoy running and supporting a good cause, there will be an Autism Awareness 5K & Kids Fun Run next weekend.  


Benefiting the autism program at Belmont Ridge Middle School &
Organization for Autism ResearchRACE DAY- Sunday, April, 29th 2012
Belmont Ridge Middle School
19045 Upper Belmont Place Leesburg, VA 20176
Registration begins at 7:00am April 29th (waiver signed at registration table)
5k Race( 3.1 miles)- Entry fee is $10.00 for all participants 8 years of age and above
All Belmont Ridge students/staff are $5.00
Kids Fun Run (1 lap around the Belmont Ridge track)- FREE (8 years and under)

For more information please visit:

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  1. Missed this a couple of weeks ago - congratulations to both of them for doing the mile!!! Wow, that's impressive! Love the medals.