Monday, March 26, 2012

Treasure Defined in a Nutshell

My daughters have very different definitions of treasure.  I am sure you have noticed that treasure is a topic of great importance at my house because of the frequency with which I use that word in my writing.  I thought maybe some visuals would help.

Birdie's definition of treasure is loose and expansive.  For example, discarded potpourri found in a neighbor's yard is treasure.

Old potpourri

Formerly living things are treasure.

A tuft of squirrel hair, an owl pellet (aka owl vomit), and a dried leaf

Anything unusual looking, pocket-sized, out of the ordinary, shiny, formerly shiny, or "beautiful" things are treasure.

A collection of rocks, an earring, turtle skulls, an owl feather, petrified wood, coral, Sacagawea dollar, a ball of cotton yarn, a string bracelet, and the perfect pinecone still on its branch

Anything found in a geocache or Happy Meal, or anything given by a special friend is treasure.

This is Birdie's special display shelf in her room.  I know it doesn't look it, but she loves these things and can tell when they have been rearranged.

I am sure I left something out of Birdie's definition of treasure, but you get the point.  Very little is off limits.

Princess's definition of treasure is much simpler.  Anything shiny, sparkly, or spendable is treasure.  Anything from her boyfriend is treasure.  Anything about Tails the Two-tailed Fox is treasure.  Period.  (Notice the lack of dead or natural things in this definition.)

Some of Princess's Tails collection, some bling, some cash, and her tiger stuffy Tiggs from Prince Charming

I hope that clears up our definitions of treasure.  :)  Once again, my twins prove that their similarities stop at their DNA.

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  1. Tails!! As a former Sonic addict, I'd *totally* forgotten about Tails...but I didn't realize he had two tails. Interesting...

    I love this. Childhood is so much about treasure. Samantha has only just recently started to find things on her walk to school that she wants to show everyone. One day it was a leaf, today it was a pine cone. But at this point, she eventually forgets about it. Thankfully. I know she'll soon head into the next phase of finders keepers, though.